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 Welcome to the quirky world of Viva Lundin Productions.

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Citizen Kate Teaser

Viva Lundin Productions
Citizen Kate Teaser
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Organ Donation
Citizen Kate Teaser

Citizen Kate Teaser

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Flip It Blue Campaign

Flip It Blue Campaign

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"Jens Jensen The Living Green" Promo for Earth Day

"Jens Jensen The Living Green" Promo for Earth Day

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The WORST Travel Show Teaser

The WORST Travel Show Teaser

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Jens Jensen The Living Green


"A film that needs to be seen"

American Soc. of Landscape Architects, Communications Award

When Chicago was considered the worst place on earth to live, Jens Jensen created naturalistic landscapes to mimic the feeling of being in nature.  He battled endemic corruption and titans of industry to save the dunes of Indiana. It was to become the first National Park but it took over 100 years, but it is now the Indiana Dunes National Park.  

Set up a screening with the filmmaker and friends on the newly appreciated

value of nature, re-wilding, native plants, and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

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Imagination Released

Welcome to the award-winning world of VIVA LUNDIN PRODUCTIONS. We collaborate with top designers, immersive experience producers, writers and producers to create highly original and compelling films, immersive experiences, television and digital series. 

We're seasoned producers of highly persuasive content to move the needle on elections, increase organ donation and inspire the next generation of environmental activists.

If you have an idea and would like to work with VIVA LUNDIN PRODUCTIONS, please get in touch.

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Awards & Recognition

Hard Work Pays off -

a sampling of some of our awards

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Jens Jensen The Living Green Documentary Film Awards

2013 - 2017

American Soc. of Landscape Architects: National Communications Award.

Chicago International Film Fest: Silver Hugo

The Explorers Museum: Most Inspirational

Accolade: Award of Excellence

Official Selection: IDFA, Studio City, One Earth Film Festival; Fort Myers International Film fest.

Green Bay Film Festival: Best Director, Best Film, Audience Award

Interview on WBEZ Chicago

Most Effective Organ Donor Campaign


A protracted, heartfelt campaign lasting over 10 years, this campaign raised organ donor registry rates to the highest in the nation. 

A decade later, I would donate my husband's organs after he had appeared in most of the spots. I could not have been happier to donate. 


The Worst Travel Show:
Best Comedy Awards


Official Selection: Ft. Worth Indie Film Showcase, Web Series Fest Global, ITVF;
Winner, HIMPFF

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Filming Location

In Development


Metamorphosis: We.Change.Everything.

immersive experience

Kids need to aspire to a more hopeful and green future - this series follows the adventures of a tween girl as she visits sites of the most climate impacted places on earth.  

Partnership with Eye Q Productions. 

Write us for more info. 

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Christmas Man

One man's mission to bring back the magic of Christmas.

The world's top private collector of Christmas props and costumes as well as creator of amazing fantasy rooms and experiences.

Contact us for more info.

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Democracy is a participation sport.

Daily talkshow.  A no-holds barred discussion of top trending social media stories with particular focus on the real meaning of the tweets of @RealDonaldTrump as interpreted by an eclectic group of journalists, experts, actors, comedians, songwriters and citizens. 

In partnership with Bunnygraph Entertainment

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When no one trusts anyone, someone trusts everyone.

Soft-scripted comedy series based on the cult hit:

"Citizen Kate"

Contact us for a treatment

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